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Views:      Published: 2011-07-15

The School has undertaken a series of measures to encourage its faculty to do high-level scientific research, which has so far seen distinguished achievement. As the chief expert, Professor Wang Yichuan, together with Professor Dong Xiaoping, successfully applied key Project of national Social Science Foundation "National Research to a Development Strategy for China's Cultural power", of which Zhou Xing, Yu Dan, Wang Yiwen, Zhang Hongzhong, Guo Biheng, and other teachers all participated in the research project.
With Professor Huang Huilin as the chief expert, many teachers of the School also participated in the "Study on the Construction of a Chinese Art Discipline System," which was a Ministry of Education Philosophy and Social Science Research Project. This project not only involved the integration and classification of the history and current situation of Chinese and foreign art but also involved development and innovation for a theory and practice of Chinese art, which is of great significance for promoting system development research for the discipline of art. Teachers from all disciplines in the School were involved in the research work on this project.
Asked to lead a project by the Ministry of Education, Professor Zhou Xing undertook research regarding a National Standard for Film and Television Major. Professor Zhang Xiaomei of the Department of Music undertook a project involving "the Eleventh Five-year

Planning for National Science Education -- Innovative Research on College Public Art Education Methods."

Teachers from this School publish over 150 high-level academic articles annually in both domestic and foreign journals. On the list, "Art Articles Published in CSSCI Core Journals Between 2005 and 2006 by Art Experts," released in August 2008, Professor Zhou Xing ranked first among more than 400 art experts.

In order to create fertile ground for more international exchange and cooperation, the School invites prominent foreign experts and scholars to lecture here. This year, the School is encouraging teachers to attend advanced academic conferences at home and abroad, at which many of our teachers have presided over meetings and given keynote addresses. The School also actively builds research teams dedicated to create favorable conditions for advanced academic research.

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