Department of Art and Design

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General Information
The Department has a profound history of art education for nearly 90 years, training many senior professionals, who are distributed at leading art institutions and faculties in Beijing and other places in China. It has two majors: fine arts and art design.

Faculty Characteristics
Depending on the powerful arts including Literature, History and Philosophy at BNU, the Department has the advantage of multi-disciplinary support, possesses the resources of a rich teaching staff, and employs a number of renowned experts as part-time professors. These characteristics all contribute to the good academic background for research of the history and theory of painting as well as training high-level talent in art, calligraphy and design.

Talent Training
The Department aims to cultivate research-based fine arts talent and art design talent with high cultural quality and great professional competence. It stresses culture and profession, theory and practice, and focuses on training students to master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of fine arts and art design. It is oriented toward producing excellent graduate candidates and senior personnel engaged in teaching, creation, and research of fine arts and art design for all types of enterprises, institutions, schools and arts organizations. Master's degrees are provided in fine arts and art design, Ph.D. candidates are recruited in first-level subject of fine arts, and postdoctoral researchers are accepted by circulating post-doctoral posts in art theory.

Scientific Research Projects
Teachers of the department undertake large numbers of research projects including Ministry of Education projects, Beijing municipal projects and university level projects.

Discipline Construction
The main courses with fine arts direction are: history of Chinese and foreign art, design sketch, color, Chinese painting, oil painting, research and experiment of modeling script, art pedagogy, composition and creation, professional visits, media arts, art expert lectures and so on.

The main courses of art design include history of Chinese and foreign design, design sketch, color, design outline, flat composition, three-dimensional composition, computer graphics design, text design, book design, brand design, display design, landscape design, public space design and so forth.

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