The Department of Dance

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General Introduction
Relying on the geo-advantage of Beijing, the rich higher education resources and the information network accessible, the Department of Dance fully uses the national top position of the educational and art subjects of Beijing Normal University, learns from the advanced concepts of dance education from both domestic and overseas schools, and combines the professional training with professional skills of this major to cultivate dance teaching talents with high artistic appreciation, basic knowledge of dance and excellent professional skills. According to the report released by the Assessment Group of Chinese Universities , the dance discipline in BNU has been No.2 in three consecutive years in the ranking of Chinese undergraduate majors while in 2006 and 2008, it is ranked as No.1.Teachers in this Department are also working as: standing deputy director of the Dance Education Committee under Chinese Education Society, the judges of the Best Film Works Award and TV Series Award organized by Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee, “Chinese Undergraduate Talent Award” and “Chinese Country Youth Talent Award.”
The Department of Dance has three staff rooms, namely, theoretical staff rooms, Chinese dance staff rooms and foreign dance staff rooms.

Talent Training
With the comprehensive art education background of Beijing Normal University, this major has established its unique dance teaching and research system which focuses on the combination of professional cultural education and technique training. The objective of this major is to cultivate senior dance talents with rich literate culture, basic knowledge, and basic dance skills in China and foreign countries. Then students are equipped with the knowledge and ability about dance practice, dance market management, dance education and theoretical research, and then engaged in dance teaching, writing, research, planning, and management work in schools, radio, television, and basic dance organizations.
Major courses are: cultural history of Chinese and foreign dance, theory of dance art, comments on Chinese and foreign dance art works, theory of dance choreography and dance skills.

Scientific Research Projects
In order to establish the dance education curriculum system in general universities, the Department of Dance has worked a lot on the academic accumulation and cross-cultural comparison in terms of dance culture, anthropology, kinematics and folklore among others. The published teaching materials are: “Dance”(Volume One and Two), “Dance—A Shaping of Temperament and Body”, “Communication History of Music and Dance in the Ancient Silk Road Area”, “Dance Appreciation”, “Dance Knowledge for the Test”, “Brief History of Foreign Dance Art”, “Chinese Regional Folk Dance of Ethnic Minorities”, “Dance Creation Skills”, “Dance Choreography.”
The projects undertaken by the Department are: “The Study of Current Situation and Development of Chinese Art Education” which is the sub-project of “Research on the Establishment of Chinese Art Subject System” by the Ministry of Education Philosophy andSocial Science Research Projects of Major Issues and “Development Strategy Research on Folk Dance Culture Heritage and Dance education”, which is permitted by the Planning Office of National Art and Science.

Discipline Construction
 In the academic atmosphere at Beijing Normal University, the Department is in the leading place of Chinese dance teaching and research. So far, it has six directions: ballet, modern dance, Chinese classic dance, Chinese folk dance, dance choreography and history of dance and it’s able to independently cultivate dance talents of undergraduate, graduate, and Mater of Fine Arts. Many of its performances got prizes in domestic and foreign dance competitions. Besides, the Department has established close connection with foreign educational institutes, including the 2004 International Labanotation Study Conference held in Asia, the 2006 Exchange Event with US Musical Theater of Brigham Young University and the lecture delivered by the chief teacher in Royal Ballet in 2007. In 2008, the superintendents of education of the American Dance-Festival visited the School of Art and Communication in BNU, they were impressed by the art atmosphere and the results of dance education and spoke highly of that. As an important base to cultivate Chinese dance education talents, it has held a number of high-end conferences of national art education and dance education and actively developed communication and cooperation with other countries.

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