Department of Movie and Television Media

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General Information
The Department of Movie and Television Media is one of the earliest departments which provided a separate education for the film and television profession among comprehensive key universities on the Chinese Mainland. The movie and television profession was identified as a characteristic specialty of colleges and universities in 2008. The Department of Movie and Television Media has the first PhD program in filmology in the National Higher Education schools and the second PhD program in broadcasting and television art, and also has MA in filmology, broadcasting and television arts, and drama and theater study. Professor Wang Yiwen is Dean of the Department.

Faculty Characteristics
Under the Department of Movie and Television Media there are staff rooms and studios. The staff rooms include: Film and TV Theory Staff Room, with Professor Shi Keyang being the Director; Film and TV Creation Staff Room, with Associate Professor Tian Huiqun as Director; Media Staff Room, whose Director is Professor Zhang Zhihua. The Studios include: Documentary Studio, with Professor Zhang Tongdao as Director; Media Creation and Planning Studio, with Professor Yu Dan being the Director; Screenwriting Studio, whose Director is Associate Professor Tian Huiqun.

Talent Training
The movie and television media profession has relied on the integrated cultural heritage of hundred-year-old BNU. Concentrating on the research of the nationalization of the Chinese film and television industry, the department preliminarily established a system of research on the theory of China's domestic film and television. Graduates are engaged in movie and television media and related fields, and there have been many remarkable achievements. The "Beijing University Students' Film Festival" founded by Film and Television disciplines has been successfully held for 16 sessions, which has a broad impact and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

Scientific Research Projects
Many famous scholars in this Department are leading some key research for the country and the Ministry of Education. Active in applying for research projects of various levels, teachers are now undertaking several major projects.

Discipline Construction
According to the report released by the Assessment Group of Chinese Universities, the film and television discipline in BNU has been among the highest in the ranking of Chinese graduate majors. Specialty of filmology is currently regarded as Beijing Municipal Key Discipline as well as National Key Cultivation Discipline.

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