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The College has six departments:

 Department of Movie and Television Media, Department of Music, Department of Art and Design, Department of Dance, Department of Calligraphy, Department of Art Theory. It consists of seven undergraduate majors: film & TV studies, digital media, musicology, fine arts, calligraphy, art and design, and dance. The Department of Art Theory mainly cultivates graduate students. The College has such research institutions as the Institute of Digital Media, Institute of Science and Arts, Institute of Art Education, Research Center for Television Drama, Research Center for Chinese Calligraphy, Public Art Education Center, Movie and TV Creation and Production Center, and Research Center for Qi Gong Calligraphy among others.

The College actively promotes the reform of undergraduate teaching, namely, “Following Others to Swim Freely,” strives to cultivate high-level art talent in artistic creation and research, with rich culture and artistic accomplishment, and with deep national consciousness and international perspectives. Currently, there are 581 full-time undergraduate students, 275 graduate students, and 65 PhD candidates.

The College carries out rich artistic practices, creating conditions for this model of learning. It has successfully held sixteen sessions of "Beijing University Students' Film Festival," which is the only college student festival currently approved by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television. It is one of the most influential Chinese-language film festivals and has a strong appeal among the university students in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. The Beijing University Students' Music Festival also had a broad impact. Based on a comprehensive and research-based discipline platform, the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University develops a multi-disciplinary system for arts and communication education, which is among the first group of universities in China to offer art as a first-level subject with a doctoral degree. It is in the first group of pilot units to enroll and train students for the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) professional degree. BNU also is proud of its art program which covers all the eight art categories and has the most Ph.D. program (Filmology, Radio and Television Arts, Art Theory) and Master program (Art Theory, Filmology, Radio and Television Arts, Musicology, Fine Arts, Design Arts, Drama and Theater Study, Dancology). It ranked fourth in the national evaluation of first-level subjects of Art conducted by Ministry of Education in 2004. Filmology was successively evaluated as one of Beijing’s key disciplines and a national key cultivation discipline. The College offers one of the first group of national "Circulating Post-doctoral Posts for Art Research." The College is also an experimental pilot for creative personnel training reform recently approved by Ministry of Education. The College has built a personalized, experienced and practical teaching environment over many years of teaching practice, and has formed a unique educational feature for BNU.

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